Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Latino Version Of The Star Spangled Banner? I Don't Think So!

The pro illegal alien activists are at it again and they're beginning to really piss me off. These yo-yo's are planning a national work boycott is planned for May 1, where they threaten to flood the streets with millions of Latino protesters in order to demand amnesty for illegal immigrants. It's gotten to the point where several Latin American singers have recorded a Spanish version of The Star Spangled Banner and plan to sing their shitty little ditty at these pro illegal alien rallies. It's called Nuestro Himno(English translation:Our Anthem). Now imagine our classic National Anthem with Spanish lyrics and a Latino beat. Sorry jerks, that isn't The Star Spangled Banner by a long shot no matter how politically correct you are.

But, here the Latino crybaby protesters come once again, telling us that we have to cater to their demands. We have to learn to speak Spanish because they don't feel like mastering the English language except for a few words. We must bend over backwards to accept their culture while they totally ignore ours. We must also allow illegal aliens to continue living in America without ever becoming citizens.I say, let 'em march in the streets chattering in Spanish, waving stupid signs and banners, also in Spanish, because most of us won't know(or in my case give a damn)just what it is that they're belly aching about in any event.

President Bush made an excellent point on Friday when he said the only way to proudly hail The Star Spangled Banner is to sing it in English. I sure as hell don't want to have it changed into a Latino, shake your ass, dance song. After all, there are millions of other songs the pro illegal immigrant activists can crap up without ruining The Star Spangled Banner. It was written for America, to be sung in English. For our National Anthem to be sung in any other language or to be rewritten with an entirely different meaning is unacceptable.

It's time these illegal immigrants went to the time and trouble to learn our language and assimilate into the American way of life, as well as becoming legal citizens. When my grandfather came over from Italy as a teenager, he learned English, as well as immersing himself into the American way of life. As the saying goes: when in Rome do as the Romans do. This new breed of immigrants (legal and illegal) wants to bully us into adopting their culture and language at the expense of our own and to ignore our country and it's heritage.

In case they don't  wish to go to the time and trouble to assimilate, here's another thought:if we ignore them maybe they'll just go back to where they came from. Oh well, I think it's worth a try at least.