Sunday, April 30, 2006

The P.C Patrol Is On The Loose Again!

The latest casualty in the war of political correctness is Adidas(that overpriced sneaker company whose motto should be: if you have to ask how much our sneakers are, you can't afford them)who issued a sneaker with an Asian face on it with a tongue sticking out. Well, the Asian-American community became so upset that Adidas immediately pulled the shoe off the market faster than a major car manufacturer yanks a defective automobile out of a car dealership showroom.

The upshot is,by appeasing offended political reps like Queens Assemblyman Jimmy Meng and Queens City Councilman John Liu(whom I think would have more constructive things to do with their time than getting mortally offended by a sneaker with an Asian face on it.) and pulling the shoe off of store shelves, Adidas created a demand. People began buying them up like the sneakers were going out of style,which I guess in a way they were. Even Ebay got into the act where the $250.00 shoe went for $350.00(and I thought I was spending a lot of money paying $60.00 for my pair of sneaks).

People, it's an overpriced sneaker with an Asian face that has a tongue sticking out!Let's have a reality check, okey? I just don't see any racial slurr's happening here. But unfortunately, in these political correct times we live in, every ethnic group sees racism lurking in words, gestures and innuendo. And everyone is walking on eggshells in order not to offend anyone. Meanwhile, ethnic politicians are making careers for themselves by beating the drum of prejudice and nit picking over the most trivial incidents.

Oh by the way, shouldn't these politico's be representing all of their constituents and not just the ones who are of their same race? And if they're going to get their nuts in a knot over something,make sure it's more than a face on a sneaker with a tongue hanging out. There really are more important issues out there, I can assure you.