Monday, April 10, 2006

Moussaoui Deserves Death!

The memory of the horrifying events on September 11,2001 still reverberate through my mind even after almost six years have passed. I was at work that day(at a telemarketing office) selling worthless insurance products to credit card holders who could've cared less. Then at around ten'o'clock, the office manager came into the room and calmly told all of us to put down the phones. She said that a plane had just flown into the World Trade Center and the building was burning. The entire room feel into silence at that moment as all of us looked around at each other. Then came the news of a second plane crashing into the other World Trade Center building and a sense of disbelief seemed prevalent among everyone in the room. The office manager said that she was closing the office for a few days and would let everybody know when they could return to work.

A group of us stood outside discussing the events that had previously unfolded, when one of the co-workers walked up,an expression of shock on his face, and announced that The Pentagon had been blown up. First, The World Trade Center towers had been attacked by two passenger jets. Now the Pentagon had been hit. What was happening? I tried to calm down my co-worker saying that we should all go home and watch the news on television for further information. He grabbed my shoulders and said in a panic stricken voice," The Pentagon's been destroyed,Joe! It's all gone!" I reiterated we should all go home to watch the televised coverage and find out all of the facts.

Like most of you on that day,I spent hours watching the televised newscasts of the triple tragedy created by the extreme radical Muslim group al-Qaida. I couldn't help but wonder what kind of religious group, who supposedly love God, could engage in this act of mass slaughter without such a heinous act weighing on their consciences at all. It seems that their God is a God of hate and destruction;not a God of love or compassion.(Well, what can you expect from a band of yellow cowards who behead their victims while covering their faces with a towel. These punks are a craven bunch,if I do say so.

And now we have Zacarias Moussaoui on trial for conspiring with the al-Quaida to fly a plane into the White House.During the trial Moussaoui had been defiant,mocking and unrepentant. His lawyers have attempted to elicit sympathy from the jury(and the rest of America) by citing his impoverished childhood in France and throwing in a claim of mental illness into the mix. Pardon me if I don't boo hoo hoo for this waste of a human being. And while the majority of Americans want Moussaoui put to death for his part in the 9/11 massacre,his lawyers(whom he has shown nothing but contempt for)want him to be given a life sentence.

So while the families of those killed during that horrifying September day will for the rest of their lives have to live with the results of Moussaoui's heartless actions; Moussaoui will be eating three squares a day, sleeping in a warm bed, will be afforded medical and dental care; all at the taxpayers expense. There is an outcry that if Moussaoui is executed he will become a martyr to the al-Quaida followers. Well, so what? If he is executed, he'll be a dead martyr and that's just fine with me. In fact,(the A.C.L.U be damned) on that glorious day when Moussaoui The Traitor is put to his rightful death,let's bring back the gallows for this very special occasion! Hang 'em high! It's exactly the sort of justice he and the rest of his al-Quaida buddies richly deserve.

Illegal Immigrants: Why Do We Have To Bend Over Backwards For Them?

Immigrants come to America for a better life. Okay, I've got that. But they don't want to become American citizens? They also don't want to learn the English language. We're expected to learn their language instead. And as a person born and raised here in America, I'm pretty damn fed up with the prevailing attitude of these immigrants that we must cater to their whims. No,I don't think so.

Now, before those of you out there hurl epithets such as racist or anti-Mexican at me, let me say that I'm not for closing up the borders tighter than a sealed zip lock bag. But come here legally and register as a U.S citizen.When my grandfather migrated from Italy to America in the 1920's, he did it the old fashioned way by traveling to Ellis Island and becoming a naturalized citizen. He didn't feel the need to sneak over under cover of darkness and worm his way into this country. And, he never came here with a sense of entitlement,unlike the new breed of immigrants. My grandfather went to the trouble to master the English language,he didn't expect anyone else to learn Italian. In other words, my grandfather assimilated to the ways of his adopted country. He didn't come to these shores with a list of demands and expectations that were to be met.

The new breed of immigrants wants everything handed to them on a silver platter. They wish to live here but on their terms. This means illegally and they'll become American citizens when they're damn good and ready. We must learn to communicate with them in Spanish because learning speak English is too much of a bother. And they'll live the American dream without ever assimilating into the American culture. They want their cake and eat it too.

That brand of "gimme" logic doesn't fly with me. To all of those immigrants out there let me say this :We shouldn't have to bend over backwards for you,no matter how many rallies you congregate at bitching and griping for special treatment.And if you're here illegally, become a legal citizen or go back to where you came from. It's as simple as that. Learn to speak English because I won't start learning to become fluent in Spanish anytime soon. I once saw a tee shirt with a saying on it that expresses my feelings on the subject quite succinctly: Welcome To America. Please Speak English.