Monday, April 10, 2006

Illegal Immigrants: Why Do We Have To Bend Over Backwards For Them?

Immigrants come to America for a better life. Okay, I've got that. But they don't want to become American citizens? They also don't want to learn the English language. We're expected to learn their language instead. And as a person born and raised here in America, I'm pretty damn fed up with the prevailing attitude of these immigrants that we must cater to their whims. No,I don't think so.

Now, before those of you out there hurl epithets such as racist or anti-Mexican at me, let me say that I'm not for closing up the borders tighter than a sealed zip lock bag. But come here legally and register as a U.S citizen.When my grandfather migrated from Italy to America in the 1920's, he did it the old fashioned way by traveling to Ellis Island and becoming a naturalized citizen. He didn't feel the need to sneak over under cover of darkness and worm his way into this country. And, he never came here with a sense of entitlement,unlike the new breed of immigrants. My grandfather went to the trouble to master the English language,he didn't expect anyone else to learn Italian. In other words, my grandfather assimilated to the ways of his adopted country. He didn't come to these shores with a list of demands and expectations that were to be met.

The new breed of immigrants wants everything handed to them on a silver platter. They wish to live here but on their terms. This means illegally and they'll become American citizens when they're damn good and ready. We must learn to communicate with them in Spanish because learning speak English is too much of a bother. And they'll live the American dream without ever assimilating into the American culture. They want their cake and eat it too.

That brand of "gimme" logic doesn't fly with me. To all of those immigrants out there let me say this :We shouldn't have to bend over backwards for you,no matter how many rallies you congregate at bitching and griping for special treatment.And if you're here illegally, become a legal citizen or go back to where you came from. It's as simple as that. Learn to speak English because I won't start learning to become fluent in Spanish anytime soon. I once saw a tee shirt with a saying on it that expresses my feelings on the subject quite succinctly: Welcome To America. Please Speak English.


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