Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hallows Point:The Scariest Movie You'll Never See.Yeah. Right.

If you believe all of the fake hype generated by one BGeorge238, you'd think Hallows Point is a potentially great horror film in search of an audience. To quote a few of his zestier comments :" I'll bet the farm it's the sleeper of the year"," The U.S enthusiasm for Hallows Point has proven quite infectious" " and " The movie is likely to prompt a franchise."

Words of lofty praise which take on a whole new meaning when you discover that BGeorge238 is in reality Bill George,executive producer(that means one of the films investors) of Hallows Point. Naturally he hopes the movie will rake in big bucks; he wants to recoup his investment! Duh!

The Hallows Point movie website appears to look interesting until you actually watch the trailer, then you're left with the distinct impression the film is a,cheesy, micro budget rip off of Nightmare On Elm Street. The problem here is, a cool looking website does not make for a good film. If producer George really did bet the farm on this stinker,his property may soon end up in foreclosure.

This tinkertoy film is the so called brain child of filmmaker Jeffrey Lynn Ward, someone you'll probably never hear of and your life won't be the poorer for it, if truth be told. That being said, Hallows Point isn't Ward's first time in the directors chair. In 1993, this wannabe filmmaker lensed a movie titled The Dwelling starring 80's scream queen Michelle Bauer.

Well, it sat and sat and sat amassing cobwebs and dust for a ton of years. In an article for the website Evil Dread, Bill George, under the pseudonym Arthur Jefferson(Stan Laurel's birth name), made the grandiose claim that the film was unreleased due to legal problems. Knowing as I do from personal experience George's aversion to the truth, it's more than likely Ward's movie blew out the ass and reeked with such a foul stench that no video company would touch it with a ten foot pole.

But our intrepid filmmaker did not let this bump in the road to cinematic immortality deter him.In 2007, Ward cobbled up a few more bucks, got Michelle Bauer to work for nothing(save for airfare and lodgings) to shoot a prologue and an epilogue. Yet,no surprise here,even after he gussied up this turkey with the added footage and gave it a snazzy new title " Black Reign", the video companies still weren't lining up around the block to add this turd fest to their roster of current releases. As the saying goes: You can put a dress on a pig,but it's still a pig.

The astounding thing is, even after Wards maiden voyage sank without any fanfare, he somehow he managed to procure investors for his next effort, Hallows Point. P.T Barnum sure was right: There's a sucker born every minute.

Ward also procured Bill George as not only one of the films investors, but as it's main promoter/cheerleader. George even inserted an untalented actress, Allexus Young, into Hallows Point.Young literally has all the emotional range and depth of a plastic doll. Watch her pitiful, one dimensional performance in ARACHNIA and you'll see what I mean first hand.She's little more than a beautiful face and figure who can't act her way out of the proverbial paper bag.

Since George serves as her agent, in addition to his duties as associate producer,she got a rather large part in an even larger dud. As you can see, Bill George's carbon foot prints are all over this unreleased(or is it unreleasable)belly flop of a movie. Note to other filmmakers:If you want your film to be a success, don't let Bill George anywhere near your set; even chase him away with a wooden baseball bat if need be. He's a one man modern day version of the plague.

Hallows Point was officially finished in 2007. However here we are on the cusp of 2009 and Mr.Ward's opus remains in a state of cinematic limbo. No video company has yet to release the film. And next year doesn't look very promising either. I hope Bill George had enough sense to use this as a tax write off.

Despite Ward's and George's continued optimism for a big release and even bigger financial pay day, Hallows Point might just suffer the same fate as Black Reign; never to see the inside of a video store. Unless of course, either Ward or George carries a copy of the DVD into the store with them.

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