Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Another Nail In The Coffin of My Pathetic Love Life.

The picture on your immediate left is the place where my pitiful excuse of a love life resides. I visit there often to remind myself that no matter how hard I try, the elusive relationship I  desire is so far out of reach.

Perhaps my instincts are off kilter when it comes to women. Not just slightly off kilter mind you,but completely out of whack and in need of serious realignment. Recently I had met a women who I thought liked me as much as I did her, but instead I ended up getting the shit end of the stick. You know,business as usual for me.

Case in point: two weeks ago at the casino where work I met a female patron named Lynn to whom I felt an immediate and powerful attraction.I took one look into her soulful, brown eyes and knew I had to get to know her better. So, we discussed getting together for a cup of coffee and she gave me her number.

A few days later we talked on the phone and I became even further infatuated with Lynn; we talked about art and music during our long phone conversation. Lynn was articulate,bright and has(or supposedly has) two law degrees. We even attended the same high school;talk about co-incidence! Lynn said she found me fascinating as well. As far as I was concerned this girl was the total package: brains and looks. We decided to change our date from simply coffee and conversation to dinner and conversation to get to know each other better.

Then on Sunday I got a call from Lynn( I was home sick with a vicious head cold) who asked if we could change our date from Thursday to Friday. I agreed and she said to call her on Tuesday so we could talk some more. In the back of my mind however, something didn't seem quite right. In my past experience with women, when a women makes those kind of changes it usually means she's having second thought about going out with me.

I started suspecting that Lynn might cancel on Friday as well. I don't know why but I can sense these things. Anyway, I called her on Tuesday and got her answering machine. Again I felt something wasn't quite right. Well, I was right! When I came home from work the next day, there was a message from Lynn saying that she changed her mind about going out with me. She cobbled up some half assed excuse( I've heard this speech so many times before that I could have recited it along with her.) that I listened to for few seconds before hitting the erase button on my phone. If that miserable c**t expects me to feast on her banquet of bullshit,she has another thing coming. I may be many things, but being stupid is not one of them. I saw this coming from a mile away.

Then to simply leave a "not interested" message on my answering machine instead of talking to me personally shows cowardice on her part; not an attractive trait. As far as I'm concerned, her mealy mouthed speech was just an excuse and a feeble one at that. Proof positive the attraction was never a two way thing. I was in it by myself. Lynn either didn't like my looks or thought I was too short or whatever. So f**k her. It's on to the next one; whenever that magical day occurs.

It's my belief that Lynn called me on Sunday not knowing I was home sick and it was her intention to leave a "kiss off" speech on my answering machine at that time. When I answered the phone she then pretended to change the day of our date, preferring to dump me when she wouldn't have to deal with me person to person. One of the things I despise is a cowardly person; someone without character. Lynn is that type of person.

In closing, there is one nagging question I have about her: if Lynn really has two law degrees why is she unemployed? The legal field is always looking for people to fill key positions and yet she lives in her parents house without a job. Curious indeed.

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