Monday, September 11, 2006

A JOE'S EYE VIEW: In Memory of September 11, 2001.

A JOE'S EYE VIEW: In Memory of September 11, 2001.

Photos courtesy of Sara Schwittek. To see more of Sara's
amazing 9/11 photographs, be sure to visit

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

In Memory of September 11, 2001.

Photos By Sara Schwittek

It's been five years since the Twin Tower suicide bombings and it's still difficult for me to find the right words to articulate my feelings as to the shock, the horror and the sorrow our nation, as well as myself, experienced that day the unthinkable happened: we were attacked on our own soil by foreign terrorists. Following years of relative safety,( Pearl Harbor was the last time an enemy came to our shores with the intent of destroying us.) our country became complacent and all of us were lulled into a false sense of security. All of us deluded ourselves into thinking that America could not be touched, that no foreign enemy would dare bring the war to us.

Then with a snap of a finger, a group of Al-Qaeda towelheads took control of four passenger planes ,two were sent crashing into The Word Trade Center. One of the planes was going to be used to seriously damage The Pentagon, until the passengers of Flight 93 turned the tables on the hijackers and heroically sacrificed their lives by forcing the plane to crash in a deserted field, before it could be used as a tool of destruction. And as all of us watched those terrifying images on television of The Twin Towers becoming engulfed in flames and then crumbling to the ground in a cloud of smoke, every American knew in our collective gut that we weren't impervious to acts of aggression by an enemy outside The United States; we were more venerable than we ever imagined.

But along with the televised and newspaper images of destruction, loss of life and utter devastation there were examples of heroism, sacrifice and a nation coming to the aid of a city in time of need. People from all over the country drove to Ground Zero to let the 9/11 attack survivors know that they were not alone .Those unable to travel to New York donated money,blood and much needed supplies to the firefighters and police officers who were sifting through the rubble. This heinous act of demolishing a city by a bunch of Al-Queda suicide creeps(Their self styled, religion is nothing more than a band of self righteous hate mongers bent on destroying those whose don't share their so called religious beliefs) brought a nation together. For a while most of us(regretfully there were a few less than honorable scoundrels who reared their ugly heads) put aside our personal cares and woes to reach out and offer our assistance.

In other words, America showed what it was made of with the declaration:go ahead you soulless Al-Queda murderers, revel in your destructive, vindictive(and despite your proclamations of your love of God) godless displays of hatred toward us; we'll come back with a vengeance.

Let us never forget September 11, 2001 . Let's show Bin Laden and his gang of Al-Queda towelheads that we weren't beaten by any stretch of the imagination. We made have been wounded but America is still standing giving Bin Laden a collective middle finger.

But let us also not forget the black radio stations who on that day of tragedy told their listening audience to rally to the aid of their Muslim brothers and show support for the terrorists. Every one of those racist radio stations should have had their broadcasting licenses yanked and the stations shut down. The equally racist dj's should have stood trial for treason and then been deported, the A.C.L.U be damned.

We should also remember those idiotic politicians, those political hacks who expressed a desire to provide counseling to the captured terrorists so that they'll see the error of their ways and want to be our friends. They're kidding right? Please tell me they were kidding. If not, every one of those sniveling,spineless, liberal excuses for elected officials who uttered those wishy washy statements should be given the boot by their constituents come re-election time. Let them serve the Al-Queda terrorists tea, cookies and understanding. Not me. The only thing I want give them is a bullet in their heads.

These people are never going to be our friends. We Americans have been offered three choices by the Al-Queda: Join them. Kill them. Be killed. With such a limited menu to choose from you can see there's certainly no room for negotiation, no middle ground. So it's up to us to eliminate these piss poor excuses for human beings starting with the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. He should then be decapitated, his severed head mounted onto a stick and have a parade march through the streets of ground zero displaying the decapitated Bin Laden. I'm one hundred percent sure no one witnessing this event will shed any tears. Oh, and as a finishing touch, video tape the event and then send it to his home country for their viewing displeasure.

When I heard there were lawyers who were actually looking forward to acting as his council in a court of law, my jaw almost hit the floor in disbelief. Someone was actually anticipating defending such a worm infested sack of shit as Bin Laden? Sure,this kind of high profile case would most definitely be a major stepping stone in a defense lawyers career. But defending an evil mass murderer ? How could this person look at themselves in the mirror every morning and not want to vomit profusely?

In any event,we should never forget the victims, the hero's and the day of September 11,2001 which shook our country to it's core. More importantly, it was the day we galvanized as a nation exhibiting to all of the other countries in the world that we as a people stand together in times of crisis.