Monday, August 28, 2006

The Saga of Lorissa Mc Comas: An Unfit Parent or a Victim of Conservative Justice? Part II

To recap the previous post on adult film actress Lorissa Mc Mcomas: The State of Florida was taking Lorissa to court in order to revoke custody rights of her son Tristan because she was deemed an unfit mother due to her involvement in the adult entertainment industry.

This tragic series of events transpired because of a good Samaritan deed in which Lorissa and her husband let a girl they knew,who was having a rough time, move in with them. The girl in turn tried to blackmail Lorissa about her work in adult entertainment and threatened to have the authorities take her baby away(talk about gratitude). When Lorissa refused to give in to the ungrateful girls demands, the girl returned with four friends and was further threatened with bodily injury if their demands were not met. As soon as Lorissa's husband came home, her former captors called the police on Lorissa and her husband Doug, claiming he had pulled a gun on them for no apparent reason.

Eventually, every one of the blackmailers refused to take a lie detector test, knowing full good and well they'd fail it hands down and the police ended up dropping the charges. But Lorissa's child was still taken from her by Child Protective Services. Lorissa said to me in a voice full of despair and emotion," I would call this a modern day witch hunt. They came and took my baby away, no questions asked . They don't care who's right or who's wrong;they just take

When Lorissa steps into the courtroom in Melbourne, Florida to fight for the right to get her son back, she will not be allowed to speak on her behalf. According to Lorissa,if she says anything other than her name she'll be held in contempt of court and will be put in jail. And to think that all of this brouhaha is based on her former career as an adult entertainer . Lorissa said that she gave up her participation in the adult entertainment world to devote all of her time in raising Tristan ,while vehemently denying ever doing an sort of

But here's where her story begins to fall apart: despite her protests of never being in films or pictures of a pornographic nature,doesn't film titles such as STRAP ON ADVENTURE, LOVE GAMES and ESP:EXTRA SEXUAL PERCEPTION at least suggest a type of pornography? Also, check out Google and you'll find Lorissa Mc Comas photo sites described as porn. I mean, we can bandy about semantics till the cows come home.However, the definition of the word pornography according to the dictionary is: Pictures, writing or other material that is sexually explicit and sometimes equates sex with power and violence.

Another matter that particularly puzzles me is: with the court hearing which will determine whether Lorissa loses custody of her son Tristan looming over her,why is she reopening her website complete with nude,provocative photos? Lorissa also intends to restart her 1-888 phone line and her production company. Isn't this a self destructive action that'll insure her son will definitely be taken away from her? The problem is that the more you look into Lorissa's terrible ordeal, the more questions that surface instead of answers.

Lorissa claimed that the police in Melbourne go out of their way to harass her and her husband constantly. There was one time according Lorissa, she was given a ticket even though her car was parked in the driveway because the edge of her car stuck out of the sidewalk. When she told the officer giving her the ticket," I think we're going to be moving." The policeman's reply was a rather curt," It's probably a good idea, because nobody here likes your kind. You need to go back to Hollyweird where all the weirdo's are."

Upon contacting The Melbourne Police Department in order to get their side of the story I was informed there were only three incidents. In 2002, Lorissa was in a car accident. In 2004 there was a problem concerning her and some other dancers. Someone they were performing for attacked them so the police were called. In 2005 Lorissa was given a speeding ticket.

What about Lorissa's claims of unending police harassment? If I were a die hard conspiracy theorist, I'd make the case of a massive police cover up; but there is no tangible proof of that. The police records clearly show only three encounters with Lorissa .Unless you want to believe that the police reports were altered in an attempt to hide their unabashed provocation of a person they see as unfit to live in their community. But again, where's the proof that I can present as being iron clad? It's basically a case of her word against the police departments. I guess, when all is said and done, you can believe whom you want to.

I really do wish Lorissa well. When I talked to her, she came across as a sweet, delightful lady. And although I was unable to uncover the ruling of Judge Griesbaum on the day of July 31, it is my sincere hope that Lorissa got rightful custody of her son Tristan. Because is it really the governments right to take away a woman's child based on her profession as long as the child is in no way involved in it? Lorissa said to me that her son was never,ever exposed to her adult entertainment work and she wasn't going to reveal the nature of her profession to him until he reaches the age of eighteen. Should the government have the right to intrude into her life at all? As Lorissa said at one point in the interview," Even if I did hardcore porn, say if I were Jenna Jameson,does that mean I don't have the right to have my baby?"