Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pedophile John Mark Carr Is Set Free. Is There Something In The Water In Sonoma County?

I don't believe it. John Mark Carr, that dirty slime bucket, sleazy pedophile and all around repellent sack of shit has had all of the child pornography charges against him dropped. The Sonoma County Courthouse released Carr because the prosecutors misplaced his computer on which contained evidence of child pornography.Nor will he be registered as a sex offender either according to news reports.

Hey now, let's back this up a bit. It's bad enough that sickomucho was given a get out of jail free card, but to not register him as a sex offender? Hello! Carr is a sex offender.And a pedophile. And a disgusting pervert as well. After the statements he's made to the press and the information obtained by law enforcement, it doesn't exactly paint a flattering portrait of him. Except of course if you're a member of N.A.M.B.L.A (that group of sexual deviants); he's probably their role model and patron saint.

And if that sick, warped excuse for a man thinks for one microsecond that he'll be able to go back to his former career as a teacher, Carr is not only a pervert but totally insane to boot. Unless N.A.M.B.L.A creates their own school(God help us if they do.),Carr has about as much of a chance of resuming his teaching career as a donkey has learning how to play the harmonica. The shame of it all is, he's free. Carr should be watched very carefully before he makes his next move.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who's The Daddy: Idiocy in The Media.

There definitely has been some very interesting current events that have transpired during this past week. First off, there was the Capitol Hill brouhaha over Republican Rep Mark Foley, whom resigned last Friday when it was uncovered he was sending sexually inappropriate emails to teenage male pages. Foley resigned from his political post,naturally, under a cloud of shame. Yet, a recent article in The Drudge Report has suggested that the incident was a prank concocted by several of the pages. The information somehow fell into the hands of a secret operative in the Democratic Party who in turn gave the information to the press. Rest assured, there will be more coming out on this juicy little story as other information comes to light.

Then we have the situation in Iraq where approximately 700 policemen were pulled out of service when it was found out that these men were linked to death squads. The death squads were responsible for Sunday's massacre where twenty four workers at a frozen food plant were kidnapped and later killed. This band of murdering thugs were also known for snatching Sunnis off the streets and killing them for no reason.

The most tragic event to happen,however was when milk truck driver Charles Carl Roberts barricaded himself in an Amish schoolhouse located in the small town of Nickel Mines, Pa. Roberts brought with him a 9mm semi automatic pistol, twelve gauge shotgun and a rifle; as well as 600 rounds of ammunition. He then wounded five innocent schoolgirls ,killed five others and a teachers aide before committing suicide. It seems he was tormented by the twenty year old memories of molesting his two young relatives. Roberts had left rambling suicide notes in which he declared his anger at God and life. There have even been reports that he had never completely gotten over the death of his baby daughter some years back. This horrible tragedy has shaken an entire community and changed the lives of many forever.

But what news worthy happening has been given tons of coverage by the media and the rapt attention of the public at large? It's the story of Anna Nicole Smith's recent delivery of her baby girl and the two men who claim to be the baby's biological father. It seems that current boyfriend Howard K. Stern(no, not Howard Stern the repulsive shock jock.) and ex-squeeze Larry Birkhead are claiming bragging rights as to which one fathered the child.

Yes, believe it or not,this stupid,trivial and even nonsensical three way soap opera is considered major news. Oh, the other three stories will be covered by the television and the press. But will these important new events be fodder for discussions over the water cooler at work? I don't think so. More than likely the hot topic that'll have tongues wagging will be who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. And that story my friends will be the one given the lions share of attention by the media at large. It'll surely sell lots of newspapers and keep the great unwashed glued to Entertainment Tonight and other tabloid journalism shows. As for me, I could care less who the father is. I have much more important things to ponder over. And so should you.

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