Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pedophile John Mark Carr Is Set Free. Is There Something In The Water In Sonoma County?

I don't believe it. John Mark Carr, that dirty slime bucket, sleazy pedophile and all around repellent sack of shit has had all of the child pornography charges against him dropped. The Sonoma County Courthouse released Carr because the prosecutors misplaced his computer on which contained evidence of child pornography.Nor will he be registered as a sex offender either according to news reports.

Hey now, let's back this up a bit. It's bad enough that sickomucho was given a get out of jail free card, but to not register him as a sex offender? Hello! Carr is a sex offender.And a pedophile. And a disgusting pervert as well. After the statements he's made to the press and the information obtained by law enforcement, it doesn't exactly paint a flattering portrait of him. Except of course if you're a member of N.A.M.B.L.A (that group of sexual deviants); he's probably their role model and patron saint.

And if that sick, warped excuse for a man thinks for one microsecond that he'll be able to go back to his former career as a teacher, Carr is not only a pervert but totally insane to boot. Unless N.A.M.B.L.A creates their own school(God help us if they do.),Carr has about as much of a chance of resuming his teaching career as a donkey has learning how to play the harmonica. The shame of it all is, he's free. Carr should be watched very carefully before he makes his next move.


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