Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Digital Journal Fired Me. Big Deal!

Today I received an interesting email from Digital Journal's editor, David Silverberg. He stated that my articles would no longer be accepted because of formatting problems, and his staff having to constantly correct my grammar.

Of course, this is a huge hit to my ego as a writer, but it seems strange that all of the sudden this has become an issue. Especially since I've written articles for his web site since 2007. But let me take some time to dispel a few of Siverberg's myths about the quality of my writing.

As for my formatting errors: yes a few of my articles do have them,but most of them don't. I tried to contact Silverberg about this problem and the fact is that I changed my email address over a year ago and never received a reply from him. How can I fix a problem when no one provides me with a solution? I spent a lot of time trying to remedy this and,lo and behold,I finally got it right with no help what so ever from that arrogant dick Silverberg.

As for my grammar: I never received any complaints from him or anyone on his staff until I had he unmitigated gall to ask him why I received no increase in payment for two articles that received, between the two articles, 4 "like it's" from their readers. At Digital Journal, if their readers rate an article with a "like it" vote the writer gets a certain amount of money. It's not a lot of money;in fact it's a pretty paltry sum considering the 28 articles I've contributed over the past three years.

So Davey boy, if there were any concerns why wasn't I ever contacted? Oh,that's right,I was unable for over a year to change my email address and your lame ass never contacted me. Talk about an inability to communicate! And you have the nerve to give me f**king attitude? And then,when you finally fix my email address, you fire me from your poorly paying website? Go pack sand up your ass,dildo face!

Hey Davey, if my writing was not up to your lofty standards why did you praise my article about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton saying it" stood out for it's strong opinion and quality writing". Oh, and here's another example: you stated(your words,not mine) about my review of PIRATES 3: STAGNETTI'S REVENGE " :" Joe Vannicola gave a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN-themed skin flick the Ebert treatment with a well written review". So now my writing sucks. No, my writing sucks because I had the nerve to ask you about payment for my articles,you smug,smarmy asshole of the highest order.

And as for his staff having to correct my supposedly bad grammar, my introductions to part one and part two of my interview with actor Dan Butler were rewritten with no explanation as to the reason why. I've never had anything else rewritten in all the time I've been with Digital Journal, so why all of the sudden was there a problem? What say you, Davey boy?

I noticed when you sent me a "you're fired" email, you made sure I couldn't reply back to you. What the matter, Davey? Are you such a gutless,yellow little coward you were afraid of what I'd say? Or that it might hurt your tender feelings? Maybe you're afraid I'll drive up to Canada and stick my foot so far up your candy ass that when you open your mouth my shoe falls out? Nah,your mangy assed,pompous self isn't worth the effort. However,if this is true you should buy yourself a pair of balls for Christmas. Or in your case, Hanuka. You should even think about going back to school to learn how to properly communicate with people. And one more thing David Siverberg, you suck!

Addendum: I just had a thought. Since Digital Journal is on Face Book, shouldn't it be renamed Dildo Face Book in honor of David"Dildo Face"Silverberg.? I think it's a

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