Friday, January 12, 2007

Why I Think That Lions Gate and Regent Releasing Are Cheap, Ungrateful Bastards.

When I left the website Red Hot Planet, it was due to not seeing one damn dime of the money promised to me, in addition my dealings with editor/former friend Bill George. It was a situation containing lots of hard work on my part, but few tangible rewards. As for that whole can 'o' worms, I'll open that up at another time. But for now I'd like to expound on how I worked hard promoting two horror movies and in return receiving squat for my endeavors.

When Bill asked me to interview all seven of the actresses for 2001 MANIACS I agreed because as is his habit, he writes checks with his mouth that his ass can't cash. I fell into Bill's special little world where promises reign supreme, but the follow through never actually happens.

The first disappointment occurred when Bill(the Bard of Baltimore) ruthlessly rewrote each and every one of my interview introductions without my consent.  There was a lot of shouting and name calling, let me tell you. His unwanted interference temporarily stopped after Bill showed (in his eyes) my piss poor hackwork to Red Hot Planets web master J.B and was told that there was nothing wrong with my style of writing. J.B then called Bill a control freak. It was quite a victory for me! But I can and never will take credit for any of the interviews; the words are not mine. It's a matter of integrity. A component Bill sadly lacks.

Now, when I met the films director Tim Sullivan, in addition to actresses Christa Campbell and Wendy Kremer at The Horror Mania Convention in 2005, I said nothing about how my interview introductions to my interviews them were rewritten because I didn't want to rock the boat, so to speak. I simply bit my tongue and accepted their compliments. Tim even went so far as to personally thank me for my hard work promoting his film. And although I never felt the introductions were really mine,since being entirely rewritten, it didn't reflect my writing style at all; their appreciation gave me that cozy, warm feeling one gets from the praise of others. Even if I didn't think I entirely deserved it in this instance.

And what did Lions Gate(the films releasing company) do for us in turn? Um, nothing. We didn't even get a copy of the DVD. Red Hot Planet had a readership of about 20,000 a month. We gave Lions Gate a whole shit load of publicity. Bill even promoted one of their lame ass releases called MONSTER MAN ( This little gem is about a group of teenagers being chased through the woods by a monster called F**k Face. I can say without reservation I won't be renting this turd fest from my local video store anytime soon.). We received no promotional DVD'S. No appreciation. No nothing. Instead of them saying "Thank you for what you've done for us.", Lions Gate's shitty attitude was," F**k you for what you haven't done for us." And Bill, because he's a gutless, ass kissing joke of a man, thought this is appropriate treatment. Well, I sure as hell don't!

At another Monster Mania Convention I met and interviewed producer/director Federico Sanchez who was promoting his film ETERNAL, as well as his sister, the lovely Victoria Sanchez who was one of the films stars. A week or two following the convention I contacted Federico about interviewing the films star Caroline Neron. For those of you scratching your heads and mumbling," Never heard of her.", Ms. Neron is a very big star in her native Canada. For me, this was a big coup!

Anyhoo, all three interviews were put up on the website for the enjoyment of our 20,000 readers. When ETERNAL was released on dvd, how do you think the films releasing company, Regent Releasing showed their appreciation? They didn't. As in the case of Lions Gate, we received no DVD, no thank you, no recognition at all. I got the none too subtle impression that both companies felt they were doing us a huge favor by letting us promote their films. Wrong, you cheapskate dicks! We did you the favor by giving your movies extensive coverage on the Red Hot Planet website. So, get your heads out of your collective asses, you miserly, pinch penny bastards!

Bill, as usual, simply shrugged and took it on the chin. As you can see, Bill George really is a grovelling,genuflecting little dick! I,on the other hand, refuse to be treated like a chump who is to be used and ignored . A little respect is in order here, guys. Also,a little gratitude would be nice. Not a lot mind you, but just enough to let me know my labors are appreciated. If it isn't in these video companies vocabulary to utter the words thank you, a free DVD will suffice.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rosie O' Donnell Vs Donald Trump. Can't They Both Just Get Along?

You know, we as a society must lead mundane, ordinary lives. I mean, how else do you explain our endless fascination with the trivial, the nonsensical? As an example: something like The Rosie O'Donnell/Donald Trump Feud getting a truck load of media attention as John Q. Public(and let's not forget Joan Q. Public. That would be unfair to the ladies.) focuses it's complete attention to their on going war.

This shameful,shallow drama began unfolding when Trump(who owns the pageant) forgave Miss USA , Tara Connor after she indulged in a an evening of drinking despite being underage . On that night, Ms. Connor proceeded to paint the town red and Miss USA Pageant officials in turn ended up seeing red after her late night revelries made the front page news. There was a hue and cry to wrest the crown from Ms. Connor's head for her blatant disregard of the pageants rules, but Trump intervened and made the decision not to discipline little Ms. Party Animal.

Rosie O' Donnell fired the opening salvo on The View by calling Trump "a snake oil salesman" and from that point the fight began. Trump responded with a nasty,vitriolic verbal assault claiming he could steal her girlfriend, Keli. After that, Rosie brought her girlfriend Kelli on The View saying," I was afraid to leave her at home in case someone with a comb-over came and stole her from me."

Since then, we've been treated to their constant non stop petty bickering. Oh,The Views studio audience ooh's and ah's whenever O'Donnell opens up her over sized mouth and once again verbally lashes out at Trump who in turn spits out another volley of bellicose verbiage. An endless cycle if ever there was one.

To her credit, Barbara Walters , a friend Trump, has tried to calm the waters between the two opponents but to no avail, their cat fight rages on. And we love it. It's as if everyone can't get enough of Trump and O'Donnells very public battle. If we can't see it on Inside Edition, there's always Talk Soup, the internet or the various entertainment periodicals available at our local magazine stores.

Sooner or later John and Joan Q. Public will grow tired and gravitate their limited attention span to something or someone else. You know, the next new thing. I know in my case, I've grown weary of the name calling, the exchanges of hostilities in the eyes of the media. Hell,I've grown tired of the whole mess(or is bored the word I'm looking for?).

In any event, Trump and O'Donnell should shake hands, let by gones be by gones and go their separate ways. Besides there's always another pair of celebrity combatants just waiting in the wings for their moment in the spotlight. And all of us(to our discredit) wait breathlessly so that we can watch the drama unfold before us.