Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just So You'll Know.

For those of you wondering why I didn't continue with my article on actress Lorissa Mc Comas as promised, I was so infuriated upon reading about perverted sleazeboy John Mark Karr being treated like some sort of potentate instead of the sorry sack of worm infested shit he is,well , I was compelled to put my two cents in. But I will definitely conclude my article on Lorissa next week. I have unearthed some interesting information that just might make the wait worthwhile.

And while I have your attention, please feel free to email me or leave your comments about the things I write about. I really want to know your opinions. Unless it's of a negative nature and then you can keep your opinions to yourself. After all, I'm very sensitive and just might crawl into a corner and cry. Naw, just kidding. Comments of all kinds are welcome. Let me know what you think.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Murder Suspect Given Royal Treatment at Tax Payers Expense.


You know, just when I think that I've seen it all, and believe me I have been witness to a number of strange occurrences in my life; something  weirder and  more bizarre comes along to boggle my mind even further. And the populace of Boulder, Colorado are shaking their collective heads in disbelief as well.

For reasons that make entirely no sense at all, Jon Bennet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr was treated to a business class plane flight from Thailand to Los Angeles at a cost of $2447.00. The bill for Karr's most excellent adventure will more than likely be footed by the citizens of Boulder, who are fuming over this type of expenditure for a suspected child sex abuser and murderer. Especially since at the moment,the city's school funding is being cut. I sincerely hope certain elected officials of that city won't be too hurt or disappointed when shown the door come election time.

Instead of being shoved into a crate which would then be nailed shut,relegating the wooden box to the baggage area of the airplane and being given a packet of saltines and a bottle of water ( All right, to show that I have a heart, bore a few air holes into his crate and give him a magazine to read . Happy now?), Karr was treated to a sumptuous meal starting off with a pate appetizer and a green salad with walnut dressing. He then dined on fried king prawns with steamed rice and broccoli. To top off this meal fit for a monarch,dessert consisted of a slice of Valrhona chocolate cake. His choice of liquid refreshments were fine champagne,a French Chardonnay and a cold can of top shelf beer. His hunger appeased from the aforementioned feast,Karr chose to watch THE LAST SAMURAI starring Tom Cruise; remember,the taxpayer is paying the freight for this extravagance.

Now wait a damn minute! Hold the phone! Are we talking about a regular passenger enjoying a business class trip complete with meal and a movie who paid for it themselves using their own hard earned money? Uh,uh. The beneficiary of such luxury is an accused child murderer,pedophile and pervert. Karr is an miserable excuse of a man; a sickening, grotesque imitation of a human being who should have had his sorry ass kicked out the door of the plane the moment the highest altitude was reached.

The actual cost the Boulder, Colorado taxpayer will end up being closer to $10,000, but hey,at least he was caught. According to Commissioner Will Toor," It's a relatively small amount of money. The expenditure of a modest amount of money in bringing a suspect back in this case is not something I would anticipate a lot of people being upset about." Think again,Will. Think again.