Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bill George:Red Hot Planet and Beyond Pt 4.

So anyhoo, Baltimore Flavor Magazine, another one of Bill George's money making schemes,not only set him back about fifteen grand,but as I write this, boxes of the magazine can be found in the basement of his home never to see the light of day.

The shitty part is: not only did I not get paid for my work, but once again that total control freak George rewrote all of my articles. As I read each issue of his vanity mag,it was extremely difficult to control myself; I really wanted to punch his weenie face for treating me with such flagrant disrespect. His favorite boy Steve Vertlieb wouldn't have been treated as shabbily. That's only because Bill George has little or no respect for me and has never considered me his equal when it comes to the art of writing.That pompous,self congratulating asshole!

His next big attempt at the ever elusive fame and fortune was to help finance a micro budgeted,shot on video turd fest titled Hallows Point. He has vehemently denied investing in this unreleased(or is it unreleasable?)clunker made by an obscure filmmaker named Jeffrey Lynn Ward. George claimed that they gave him the title of executive producer because he was such a big help on the production. Yeah. Right.

Anybody with even a cursory knowledge of film knows that the executive producer is the one who ponies up the dough to finance a movie. In this instance, it was three misguided cretins who threw their money at Ward's amateur night excuse for a film. George once again tried to cover his ass,so he doesn't come off looking like some doofus who foolishly squandered his money on another loser of a project. But he did. If I didn't have such contempt for George,I'd feel sorry for him.

George even went that extra mile by going on several horror websites and horror conventions touting Hallows Point as a great film that was destined to be the next big horror movie. On one website, George (under the pseudonym BGeorge238)claimed that " I'll bet the farm this film prompts a franchise." Now, how in the hell can a film prompt a franchise when the first one hasn't been released. It was completed in 2007 and here it is in 2010 and still no takers.But you can't blame George for using such aggressive campaign tactics,he wants to make his investment back!

A couple of years ago when I talked to George,he was animated about his newest project:3D television.He and a group of people were going to shoot films locally, then show them on television using this new and radical 3D process. To me this was just one more lofty pipe dream for him to foolishly toss his money at, for him it was the wave of the future;the opportunity of a lifetime.

You see,Bill George is a dreamer. His dreams are as big and as grand as they come. Dreams that will bring him riches,that will bring him fame. The only problem is,they're never grounded in reality. And that's a big problem. But on the bright side,he has several tax write offs at his disposal.

As an addendum: two years after discontinuing Red Hot Planet, George told me he was thinking about restarting the web site. Imagine the egotism of that dick! Doesn't he realise that once you break the momentum of something, it's hard,if not impossible, to regain that momentum? Oh no, not Bill George. In his special, delusional, little world, there are tons of folks who are patiently waiting(with baited breath,of course)for the return of their favorite horror web site. Is he an ego surfeited asshole or what?

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