Sunday, March 05, 2006

Getting Unctuous.

I was recently purchasing a nice bottle of Merlot for consumption after a hard day at work, when I talked to one of the store associates about the wine I was about to buy. I was unfamiliar with this particular vintage and I wanted to know if he had tried it and his opinion of the wine. He replied that it was an unctuous wine and thought that I would enjoy it. After making my purchase, I headed home to shuck off my shoes, get comfy on the couch and enjoy this wonderful Merlot while watching a dvd.

On the drive home I started thinking that if a wine is unctuous that's a good recommendation to buy it. Yet if a person is unctuous, that's a downright bad thing. Let's say,for example,I invite a friend over to have a glass of wine and I say," You'll really like this wine. It's unctuous." He'll come over anticipating a taste treat. But, let's say I called him and said, " I'm bringing over someone to meet you. He's an unctuous bastard." Well, he'd look forward to that about as much as he would being poked in the eye with a pool cue .

Just something to mull over as you drive home some evening when you have nothing better to think about. Like I did.


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