Saturday, June 10, 2006

Conspiracy Theorists: The Lunatics Are Among Us.

Is it just me or in the past thirty years or so have there been a proliferation of certain groups of people(wackjobs,nutballs,fruitcakes-insert your own descriptive noun in here) who believe in their heart of hearts in a large scale governmental conspiracy? The trend towards belief in governmental conspiracies started with the assassination of President John Kennedy and through the ensuing years has encompassed events such as The Bombing of Pearl Harbor right up to the horrors of the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Now, these poor,deluded bunch of halfwits are out in cyberspace claiming that the death of Al-Zarqawi,that soulless, murdering, self righteous, religious zealot , was another link in the chain of the U.S governments involvement in the attacks on 9/11. That's right, they have so called proof that Al-Zarqawi was a (get a load of this) CIA operative as well as the 9/11 suicide pilots.And even Osama Bin-Laden is on the CIA's payroll as well.(If this is true,I wonder if Bin-Laden has any taxes taken out of his weekly paycheck.? Does he file taxes at the end of the year? The mind boggles.)

The conspiracy theorists warped and convoluted logic has them convinced that the U.S government orchestrated the attack on the Twin Towers in order to: (a.) Get it's greedy little hands on Iran's much desired oil supply. (b.) Start a war with Iran. Oh, the plot gets even thicker: President Bush deliberately lied about imagined weapons of mass destruction in order to invade Iran, take it over and steal that countries oil.

Well, I'm going to gladly throw a few large flies into their rancid ointment. First off, if we went to war with Iran because of oil, why has the price of gas jumped to $3.00 a gallon? Since we invaded that country and effectively kicked Saddam Hussain's ass to the curb,gas should be dirt cheap for us Americans. After all, we went there to steal that countries oil, so the spoils of war belong to the victor! But the price at the pump sure hasn't gone down.

Second, I'll bet the last dollar in my pocket our government would not be so coldbloodly conniving,so dastardly as to deliberately plan the destruction of the World Trade Center causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people while seriously damaging the economy of New York City, not to mention the rest of the country.

Alas, these rebels without a clue preach their gospel of conspiracy with a smug, self assured zeal. These are the kind of folks that see black helicopters flying sinisterly through the night sky. And I know a couple of people(one is a good friend of mine) who buy into this conspiracy theory when they should know better.

Sure, there was a time when I myself believed in government conspiracies and cover ups. But,as I've learned more information about certain subjects,the less I'm inclined to automatically jump on to the latest conspiracy theory bandwagon. Now, while I believe there was a conspiracy involving the assassination of John Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald and others , I'm not longer of the opinion that the attack on Pearl Harbor was known in advance by the U.S government and that they allowed the tragedy to occur so they could declare war on Japan, thus giving our country a reason to officially enter World War II.

Look, the conspiracy theorists will always see what they want to see;even if shown evidence to the contrary. They'll wear blinders, immune to the real truth, so they can continue spouting their brand of illogical paranoia through the internet and at public gatherings, as well as publishing moronic, half baked, paranoia inducing books on their favorite subject: Government Conspiracies. Whether or not you believe them in the end, is entirely up to you.


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