Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just So You'll Know.

If it seems that I'm not updating my blog more often in the next week or two, it's because I'm writing an article for a new magazine called Flavor. It's a magazine combining elements of girls,sports and movies. In other words: it's a guys magazine. The article I'm involved in concerns an actress/model named Lorissa Mc Comas. She recently had her child taken away by Child Protection Services because in these people eyes, since Lorissa has done nude modeling,worked in soft core movies and has an adult website she is deemed an unfit mother. All this despite the fact she has never exposed her child in any way to her business as an adult entertainer and would never think to do so in a million years. Plus, Losissa said to me she has never done porno as far as she's concerned.

Which brings me to an interesting point: should a female who works in the adult entertainment industry such as Lorissa McComas be subject to having her child taken away and placed into foster care? Despite that fact that her son was well cared for and that she took time off from the adult entertainment industry to look after and educate her child. Her son wanted for nothing and yet, because of her involvement with this industry, should Lorissa be vilified and categorized by Child Protective Services as an unfit parent? Let's bat this topic around a bit and tell me what you think. I'll be adding more information to my blog as the article progresses, so in the meantime, email me with your opinions either pro or con. Is this a modern day witch hunt or an appropriate action considering the circumstances? This should be prove to be very interesting.


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