Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I Ran For Mayor?

Near the Delaware state line in Pennsylvania there is a small town called Aston. One year, this town advertised in the paper for a mayor. (I know, I know; mayors are usually elected. But, this is my story.) Anyhoo, I went to the town hall to apply even though I had no previous experience in politics. They asked me about my salary requirements and I replied that thirty thousand a year was sufficient financial remuneration for such a complex position.

Well, I didn't hear from them for about a week, so I called up to find out if I was still in the running for the job of mayor. I was informed that someone else was chosen. When I asked why I was passed over, they said the main thing that ruined my chance for the position was my demand for thirty thousand dollars a year. They felt I was Aston for too much money.

Please tell me you saw that one coming.


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