Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Deleted Scene From ET Has Been Uncovered!

With Halloween just around the corner, I've decided to reveal a never before known secret about a much beloved science-fiction classic. Not many people know this, but prior to the 1982 release of ET : THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, a scene was edited because director Steven Spielberg was concerned that it was way too adult for family audiences. Believe it or not, this one scene threatened the film's PG rating, so Spielberg shrewdly excised some of the footage. Having recently discovered this interesting piece of information, I have opted to reveal what exactly the deleted scene entailed to my readers.

Remember the scene where Elliot, Peter and Gertie were in Elliot's room and Gertie asks if ET is a boy or a girl? Elliot replies," He's a boy" and the subject is dropped. In the unedited version,Elliot's older brother Michael asks," Well then, where's his thing?" ET replies," It's detachable." In the next shot, Elliot is seen examining it when ET shouts," Hey, give it back! You've had it long enough!" ET then asks Elliot," But tell me, is it long enough?"

Obviously, this ventures into adult territory,so as you can see it was a wise move on Spielberg's part to omit this scene and not to compromise a film he intended for the entire family. Reportedly, Spielberg destroyed the existing footage, vowing to never to allow this deleted portion to be viewed by the public at large(that's you in case you're wondering whom I'm referring to), thus tarnishing the films reputation as solid family fare . But it's my opinion that movie goers have a right to know this vital information. Remember, the truth shall set you free! But on the other hand, a good lie can be vastly entertaining too.

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