Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thought For The Week.

Now, I realize that there are those of you out there who are so fed up with partisan politics that you'll choose to stay home instead of going to the polls in November to vote. Hey, I kind of agree with you(remember, I said kind of); one does get weary of Democrats and Republicans bickering like school kids on the play ground. Each side claiming that they hold the answer to America's problems, if only we elect their political party.
This term, each party wants to control The House Majority in Congress. The Republicans are trying to retain their hold on the Congressional House while the Democrats are using every resource they can muster to regain control once again. Their main thrust is blaming President Bush for all of America's current ills . Quite frankly, their anti-Bush campaign is becoming repetitive as well as painfully tiresome. Can't they be more inventive?
These days Bush bashing is no only an easy campaign platform for them,but totally expected if one aspires to be a true Democrat. Then again, a few years back the Republicans did attack former President Clinton rather vigorously(although that time the attack was warranted, if I may say so.).
But getting back to what I was saying, each party points the finger at the other one during times of turmoil. When a recession is bad, one party blames the other party's ineptitude .When times are prosperous, the party in charge claims they're the reason for the prosperity. As the saying goes: success has a thousand fathers, but failure is an orphan.
My point is, if you don't like the way Congress is doing it's job then get off your hind rump quarter,(or ass if you will) get into the voting booth and let your voice be heard. Whether you vote Republican or Democrat isn't important(unless of course, if you're the Democratic or Republican candidate running for office,that is). The main thing is to let Congress know your opinion on the issues. However, if you apathetically remain at home believing your one vote doesn't count, then don't come crying to me afterwards about how much the Congress sucks. You had your chance.


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