Friday, November 10, 2006

Saddam Hussein Senteced To Hang. Any Questions?

Last Sunday, November 5, was a good day for me. The sun was shining, the weather was windy , but not too cold, I enjoyed a nice cigar on my way to work and Saddam Hussein(or as some wags refer to him : So Damn Insane) was sentenced to be hung for the crime of murder against 150 Shiite Muslims. Knowing that mass murdering, deposed despot will be soon swinging from the end of a rope appealed to my sense of justice.

As his sentence was announced, Insane Hussein shouted such catchy phrases as," God is greatest" and the ever popular," Long live the Iraqi people!" It appears that his ilk truly believes that as long as they proclaim their supposed devotion to God, killing in his name is an act The Almighty would completely approve of. What these zealots lack in common sense they more than make up for in animalistic savagery.

So here we are, pleased as punch that this barbarian will be getting his neck stretched when all of the sudden a fly finds it's way into the ointment. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak came out with a statement on Thursday that he was against Hussein being hung because it could make Iraq explode into more violence. Mubarak was quoted as saying," Carrying out this verdict will explode violence like waterfalls in Iraq." Uh huh. I see. Maybe they should simply slap Hussein on the back as they let him out of prison with the admonishment," Now you've been a bad boy Saddam, old buddy. You just make sure don't do it again. Okey?" And I'm sure. I mean, really sure. As sure as I'm sitting here writing this, that he'll flash them his most winning smile and sincerely reply," I'll be a good boy from now. I promise." That should do the trick. That is, of course, providing you're a permanent resident of Fantasy

Hussein will be separately tried for the genocide of 180,000 Iraqi Kurds in the 1980's. This soul less monster should be spared the death penalty? Please, cut me a break! This is the same wretched excuse for a leader who extolled to his followers the idea that they should gladly die for the glory of Iraq and then was found cowering in a hole saying meekly to his captors," I 'am the President of Iraq. I want to make a deal." Huh? Whatever happened to dying for your country? Talk about a clear cut case of do as I say, don't say as I do. And there are people in Iraq who loyally follow this walking mound of jello as if he were God's right hand man. Oh well, there's no accounting for taste.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki made the statement," The way I understand the law that we passed...the execution of the sentence should happen within a month,one month. I expect it to happen before the end of the year." Let's hope the Iraqui court doesn't overturn his conviction and instead give Hussein a life sentence. His heinous crimes against humanity demand extreme punishment in the form of death. And the sooner the better. Here's an idea: they should hang Hussein before Christmas. Consider it as a Christmas present to the entire world.



Blogger Acta est fabula said...

I'm sorry but I couldn't help myself from writing you a comment. I did not read your previous blogs therefore I don't know your general perspective on world. Even though I cannot claim Saddam to be humane, since he is as bad as any other dictator gathering all the ones that U.S and allieds find profitable of dealing and not depending on their seasonly realist policies , the Allied forces are as barbarian. Ow yeah, somewhere called, Ebu Ghraip. A situtation called repeated territorial terror, having compiled into years now.

Remember, here in Turkey even my Kurdish friends would even claim Allied occupation as less legitimate than Saddam's doings.

And remember that court is not legitimate either.

You are asking what legitimacy is?

It is definitely not USA imperialism, and it is definitely not an easy-couch-orientalism, mate.

Take care,
And please spread you democracy else where. (Ow, your democracy stinks.)

(By the way I am a leftist, in case it may be hard to figure out)

6:42 PM  

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