Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kidnapper Cries " Not Guilty". Yeah. Right.

It never fails to amaze me that certain people have an incredible capacity for deluding themselves. Murderers on death row, for example, proclaim their innocence despite the cold, hard fact (i.e. Their finger prints found at the murder scene, their DNA found on the victim's corpse,ect,ect.) that prove otherwise. These nimrods spend countless hours attempting to vindicate themselves and enlist their bleeding heart lawyers to waste the courts valuable time to achieve this end. All in order to convince the rest of society(and themselves in the process) that the court system condemned the wrong man.

I know someone who is into substance abuse, or to be blunt about it : he's a coke head. This guy blames his mother and certain members of his mothers family(they were prone to alcoholism) for his addiction problems. He however, is an innocent victim. It's not his fault. I once said to him," Until you look in the mirror and say to yourself, 'It begins with me and it ends with me' you won't get any better." Well, my pearls of wisdom were totally wasted; I would've gotten more out of talking to an ashtray. He would much rather play the blame game than take responsibilities for his addiction; after all, that path is a much easier one to take.

Kidnapper Michael Devlin is deluding himself as well . Faced with charges of kidnapping two boys (one of them was held by him for four years) Mike told the press,and I can't believe the following words can out of his mouth, that life was good for him during this period. Good? Good for who? There is the possibility that sick, scumbag molested Shawn Hornbeck during that four year period. Especially with the statement that he ," was never really interested in romantic relationships", but wouldn't say if he was attracted to women.Which is very revealing if you ask me. Should evidence of molestation is proven, justice will be served if pervo boy is locked away in a jail cell for the rest of his shabby, sorry life. Or even better, letting the other inmates play a rousing game game of " kick the can" with Mikey as the can. Oh well, it was a thought.

The other victim, Ben Owenby, was only held captive for two weeks,which probably means that sicko Devlin didn't have much time in which to torment him. In the meantime, authorities in Lincoln County are looking into another missing boy case , that of 11 year old Charles"Arlin" Henderson who vanished in 1991. One detective called Devlin " the most viable lead " in the case. In other words, all the signs point in his direction.

Meanwhile,Devlin's attorneys, Michael Kielty and Ethan Corlija, have refused to return reporters phone calls seeking their comment on the case. Those poor schmucks are probably burning the midnight oil as they rack their collective brains coming up with a defense for their sicko mucho client . And while Devlin himself refuses to discuss anything about the case he did plead not guilty on Thursday to charges of kidnapping Ben, but has not entered a plea as of yet about the kidnapping of Shawn. Not guilty of kidnapping? Get a clue, Mikey! You forced him into your white pickup, you mentally defective asshole! That's kidnapping. He sure as hell didn't climb into your truck of his own free will. His lawyers, of course, will fall back on that old and trusted,yet effective defense: Devin is mentally ill and was not responsible for his actions. Horseshit!He and he alone is culpable for his heinous misdeeds and should be dealt with harshly by the court system.

Devlin stated that his own parents, who live near the prison where he resides in have not visited him since his arrest. Hey Mikey, don't tell me this comes as a great, big shock to you. You have to realize that having a son arrested for kidnapping two children and who is also accused of child molestation is not something most parents would take pride in. So ,I wouldn't expect them to strut proudly around their neighborhood announcing to one and all that their son is a kidnapper in jail. If anything, Mikey; you're a badge of shame, a black mark on your undeserving parents lives.You've disgraced yourself and them by your actions. And still, you plead Innocent of all charges. Unbelievable!

Devlin made a telling comment when he said in an interview," I'm not worried. It's inevitable.I will eventually have to deal with it. I haven't exactly done a great job of representing myself so far." No you haven't, Mikey. Not in the least. If anything, you've shown us you're your own worst enemy.



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