Monday, March 13, 2006

Cinefest 26 Here I Come.

This weekend I'll be attending Cinefest 26 held in Liverpool, NY , a convention where film enthusiasts from all over come to appreciate old movies. There's a large dealers room containing 16mm films,movie posters,dvd's-anything movie related can be found. Old,rare films are shown to an audience to whom a black and white film isn't automatically relegated to a forgotten antique status.

It's a place where movie buffs can talk to one another about the rich history of movies past and not just rave about the latest blockbuster playing at the local cineplex or the newest, hottest stars on the screen today while entirely ignoring the classics from cinemas past masters.

People such as Arthur Lennig (author of a biography on Bela Lugosi titled The Immortal Count)and esteemed critic Leonard Maltin can be found rubbing elbows, not as luminaries but as just"one of the fans". Cinefest is for those who collect as well as enjoy the art of film. I'll provide you with a detailed report and a few cool pictures.

So until next week,I'll leave you with a favorite quote of mine from the film AUNTIE MAME : " Life is a banquet and there are suckers out there who are starving to death."


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