Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Choice For Asshole of The Week.

Well folks, the votes have been counted,the nominee's were selected and after much deliberation and soul searching I have made my decision. Sure there were quite a few nominee's whose idiotic posturing and infantile antics made my selection a rather tough one to be sure, but one person in particular stood out from all of the others as a shining example of loutish behavior.

And the winner of The Asshole of The Week Award goes to none other than Mel Gibson,who after spending an evening soaking up the sauce at a trendy Malibu restaurant was arrested for speeding. He became belligerent towards the arresting officer and said," The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Jew?" (Great going, Mel. Now, let's see how far you can stick your foot into your mouth without gagging.)

As expected, the fallout from this scandalous incident has begun to rain down upon poor Mel, and from where I sit it doesn't look pretty. There are those in the media who are of the opinion the repercussions will go beyond legal penalties, that Gibson's career could possibly go into serious meltdown. (By the way,did you get a load of the police mug shot that the AP wire service ran? With that slightly disheveled look and an impish smile,it appears as if he's posing for a recent publicity photo.)

Gibson's anti-Semitic statements have placed further strains between himself and members of the Jewish Community,which began when they felt he portrayed Jews as being responsible for the death of Jesus in his film THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. And though he has apologized directly to the Jewish Community for his thoughtless remarks, former TV producer Merv Adelson has refused to accept Gibsons mea culpa and had gone as far as to take out an ad in The Los Angles Times to chastise movie studio heads for not strongly condemning him.

Gibson has even entered an out patient program for alcohol abuse as his way of showing atonement. But there are those cynics who believe this is simply Gibson's attempt to save both his ass as well as his career as an actor/director.

If convicted in a court of law, he won't do any jail time; after all it's a first time misdemeanor drunken driving offense. But, in the court of public opinion,the verdict could go either way. After all,we Americans do worship our movie stars; to us, they are our royalty.

As for Hollywood's ultimate decision on the fate of Mel Gibson,well,the jury's still out on that one. As the saying goes:money talks, bullshit walks. In the movie capital of the world, money in the box office takes precedence over bad behavior and anti Semitic comments any day.


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