Friday, August 04, 2006

Something On My Mind.

Last week at a Jewish Charity event a whacked out loser named Naveed Afzal Haq entered the room using a 13 year old girl as a shield. He then opened fire,using two semi automatic pistols. Five women were wounded and another,Pam Waechter, was killed. Hag, who is a Muslim, said after his arrest,"These are Jews and I'm tired of getting pushed around and our people getting pushed around by the situation in the Middle East."

Haq(or Bald and Ugly as I refer to him), is no more than a spineless, cowardly bastard, a wannabe man with jelly as a backbone for terrorizing a group of women. If he tried that on a room full of men, he probably would have gotten his ass beaten to a pulp or better yet, would have wound up dead. And to use a 13 year old girl as a shield? That is completely and utterly the act of a coward; there are no two ways about it. A family friend told reporters that Haq was a quiet loner with few friends. (Big surprise,huh?)

It's very hard for me to write about this because I cannot even begin to understand hate crimes. And I hope to God never in my lifetime to ever come close to understanding these kinds of deplorable actions. It's totally alien to my way of thinking to rational why some screwed in the head nut case takes it upon his or herself to right a supposed wrong by shooting someone for racial,religious, even political beliefs.

I 've said this before and it looks like I'll say it again, killing never solves an issue. All it does is wreck innocent lives,while giving the murderer his much desired fifteen minutes of fame. (Although I find it more than a little ironic that before entering the King County courtroom, Haq requested through his public defender that he be allowed to personally not attend the hearing or for him not to photographed or video taped. District Judge Barbara L. Linde prudently denied both of Haq's requests.)

From what I've read about Pam Waechter, she was a tireless worker for the Jewish community and was loved by everybody. She deserves to be remembered by those whose lives she so profoundly touched. While on the other hand,Dipshit -- er I mean Haq(no I was right the first time) should be strapped to a gurney and have poison shot through his veins. No lifetime of three hots and a cot for wacko boy.

Now, some of you are thinking," But didn't he just say that killing never solves an issue?" Yes, I did say that. But I was talking about the killing of innocent people, not murderers or the criminally insane who take lives for either unjustifiable or mentally unbalanced reasons. It all boils down to this, there really is a difference between the two . But we'll open that particular can of worms at another time.


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