Thursday, May 03, 2018

Hallows Point 10th Year Anniversary : A Film That Remains In Limbo.

In 2007, armed with a dream, as well as a fistful of money, intrepid film maker Jeffrey Lynn Ward stepped up to the plate once more to take another swing at cinematic immortality. Never mind that his previous film, Black Reign, filmed in 1993 and released in 2007 still sits on the shelf never to see the light of day. However,Ward's never-say-die attitude persuaded him to finagle a few investors to cough up the cash to make his next contribution to the horror genre: Hallows Point.

One of the investors, Bill George strapped on the proverbial drum,relentlessly beating it on various websites proclaiming the film to be the next horror classic. Well, to this day, Hallows Point has never been released by any video company; so it must not be all that and a bag of chips.

So, not only did the films investors not make as much as a measly, thin dime on their investment, they more than likely couldn't use the film's failure as a tax write off, either. Poor bastards. I bet they cried red ink while swearing  up and down to never invest in another film ever again, thanks to the financial belly flop of Hallows Point. Way to go,Jeffrey.

However, this begs one question: Why didn't  Ward try to sell it MTI Home Video? They're located in Florida(Wards home state) and are known as a video company that'll buy anything.I know first hand because I used to receive free screeners to review for Digital Journal. Boy, did I see quite a few stinkers.The mind boggles.

Anyhoo, I have magnanimously decided that Jeffrey Lynn Ward should not fade into obscurity, but to be immortalized as a film maker whose two films : Black Reign and Hallows Point remain unreleased to the public at large. Never to be seen, never to make money back for the investors. However, if you're ever in Florida, drop by Jeffrey's house and ask if he'll show you both of his films. I'll bet he'll be so tickled to death that he may even fix you some snacks to show his appreciation. So without further ado, I present a limerick in honor of Hallows Point's 10th year as an unseen, never to be released movie:


                            There once was a film called Hallows Point
                            Jeffrey Lynn Ward and Bill George thought
                                           Would rock the joint
                               They asked distributors to try it
                                  But no one would buy it
                                                 I ask
                              Then what the hal was the point?

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